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We are trying to offer more services to our community.

Some of the many groups that have played at the Community Center

LTC Hurricane Relief

Lake Toxaway Community Center

In light of the aftermath of the devastating hurricane

Lake Toxaway Community Center  was used as a collection center for Upper Transylvania

Our citizens donated new and lightly used goods that were packed up and delivered to Kelly, North Carolina 

We worked with our multiple churches in the area....

Our community center got the entire community involved in the relief efforts.

Thanks to so many people in the Lake Toxaway Community

we were able to deliver on Saturday October 27th: 

OVER 270 Boxes of Supplies

$ 5,100 in cash and GIFT CARDS


Centerville Baptist Church and 

the people of Kelly, North Carolina 

a small town less than 1 mile from the Cape Fear River


For information on renting

the buildings click on


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​Thanks to Lake Toxaway Charities, St Andrews by the Lake and others that have made contributions to the walking track.

It is looking GREAT!

A good place to get out and get some exercise !!! ​​

​​81 Slick Fisher Road

Lake Toxaway, NC  28747


​Phone: 828-966-4060

The Lake Toxaway Community Center appreciates all donations:

We run strictly on donations and grants

Any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated !!!

Lake Toxaway Community Club

P.O. Box 344

Lake Toxaway  NC  28747

We are a 501(c)3 Organization, your donations are tax deductible

We could NOT do it without ALL of our volunteers!

Please join our happy group of volunteers we NEED help each week

just a few minutes of you time would be make a BIG difference

Sign up at the entrance table or call 828-966-4026 

The track at Lake Toxaway Community Center : recently graded and paved

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