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The Band for Friday

​October 12th is:

Cane Creek

​​81 Slick Fisher Road

Lake Toxaway, NC  28747


​Phone: 828-966-4060

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We are trying to offer more services to our community.

Friday,  October 12th 2018

  • Pork loin
  • "Octoberfest Stew" consists of various root vegetables
  • Homemade cornbread
  • Lots of homemade get to choose
  • Iced tea, Lemonade or Coffee
  • Soft Drinks are $ 1.00
  • Looking for Volunteers .... what a great way to help out in the Community !!!


Some of the many groups that have played at the Community Center

Kitchen items:

 plates, cups, glasses, bowls, saucers, silverware, pots, pans, basic kitchen utensils, electric appliances, etc. we envision our packing boxes of just plates and labeling, boxes of cups, boxes of glasses, etc. Once it is delivered the distribution center they  will know exactly what is inside each box without any time on their part

sheets, pillowcases, spreads, blankets, quilts, mattress covers, comforters, etc. I am suggesting we fold each item individually and secure with the blue painter’s tape and put the size on the tape. We will create individual boxes for each size sheet and box accordingly. Do the same process for each type bedding items that we collect.  Think as if you are the receiving end: look at the box label and reach in the box and pull out ONE taped item. By taping each item they will not come unfolded, get dirty and create more work for them.

towels, wash clothes, face towels, maybe bath mats/rugs. I suggest we fold and tape the towels also.
Personal Hygiene:

Look in your medicine area and count the number of new toothbrushes that you have received from your hygienist. Items that come to mind are deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, face soap, shampoo, etc. This will be a great place to donate those items that have accumulated from your motel stays and stored in your bathroom. We are requesting that with the exception of soaps and shampoo everything else be new in a package.
Pet items: 

canned food canned, beds, leashes, collars, etc.
Health/First Aid items:

 band aids, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic creams, bandages, tweezers, thermometers, etc.

We will accept CASH or CHECK donations and the entire amount will be sent to a group that is in the field actively helping both victims and volunteers.

  • Checks are to be made to LTC HURRICANE RELIEF and

            can be deposited directly in the Rosman branch of

  • Self Help Credit Union or given to Judy Wilson

             at the LT Community Center

The Lake Toxaway Community Center appreciates all donations:

We run strictly on donations and grants

Any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated !!!

Lake Toxaway Community Club

P.O. Box 344

Lake Toxaway  NC  28747

We are a 501(c)3 Organization, your donations are tax deductible

We could NOT do it without ALL of our volunteers!

Please join our happy group of volunteers we NEED help each week

just a few minutes of you time would be make a BIG difference

Sign up at the entrance table or call 828-966-4026 

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Lake Toxaway Community Center 81 Slicker Fisher Road Lake Toxaway NC 28747

LTC Hurricane Relief

Lake Toxaway Community Center

September - October 2018

In light of the aftermath of the devastating hurricane, we are going to use the

Lake Toxaway Community Center as a collection center for the Upper Transylvania citizens to donate lightly used goods to be transported to effected areas of North Carolina. We will work with our multiple churches and our community center to get the entire community involved in the relief efforts.

Length of Drive:

Present until October 31

Location of drop-off:

Lake Toxaway Community Cente


Mondays and Fridays 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM
Fridays 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM

Call Jan at 904-557-1898

or Susan at 966-4026

to make special times for drop-offs.

Volunteers will be needed to help sort and box the donations.

The areas that we will be concentrating upon will be new and gently used kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and pet items. We are also going to work with personal hygiene items, first aid items and cleaning supplies.