Adults: $ 13.00

Children 12 and under : $6.00

Children 3 and under: FREE 

Dinner Served from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

WiFi is  available at the

Lake Toxaway Community Center.

In settings choose :

Toxaway C.C.

 It is not password protected  for your convenience.

We  strive to offer more services to our community.....

​​81 Slick Fisher Road

Lake Toxaway, NC  28747


​Phone: 828-966-4060

  Highway 8



For information on renting

the buildings click on


in the upper right hand corner

The band for this week is:

We are OPEN and have a NEWLY remodeled small building it is BEAUTIFUL 

Photos of the many groups that have played

at the Community Center


Thank you to everyone that participated in

Creative Toxaway Night 

The Lake Toxaway Community Center appreciates all donors:

We run strictly on donations, grants and memorial gifts

All donations are GREATLY appreciated !!!

Lake Toxaway Community Club

P.O. Box 344

Lake Toxaway  NC  28747

We are a 501(c)3 Organization

We could NOT do it without ALL of our volunteers!

Please think about joining our happy group of volunteers !

We NEED help each week

Just a few minutes of you time would make a BIG difference

Call 828-966-4026 

Email us at:

 Lake Toxaway Community Center 

Greatly Appreciates

the Support from

the Lake Toxaway Charities

​Through their generous support we have been able to provide our community with:

* Upgraded sports complex

* Beautiful new equipment on the children's playground

* modernize our small building for various uses by the members of the Lake Toxaway Community


Lake Toxaway Bargain Barn

Benefits the Community Center

 Each Friday night before Dinner/Music  

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Join us as we honor our First Responders on 

Friday October 14th

We have the best.. Lake Toxaway Fire and Rescue and we are

hoping to present them with a donation to the Dinner they have

Each Thursday night. We will be accepting donations towards this

each Friday night up until October 14th

We will also be honoring Sheriff David Mahony on his up-coming 

retirement on this same night. 

please make plans to join us Friday October 14th 

Menu will be:

* Pork Loin chops with apple compote

* Pinto beans

* Rice and gravy

​* Broccoli cornbread

​​* Dessert of your choice

* Iced Tea, Coffee or Lemonade

        Soft Drinks $ 1.00 extra

 Music starts at 7:00 PM till 9:00 PM

 Visit us on Facebook to keep up to date on upcoming events at 

​our Facebook page : Lake Toxaway CC

​Contact us at: 

Friday September 29th

Lake Toxaway

Lake Toxaway Community Center

is a proud member of the